“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” Susan Sontag

Hello! My name is Laura and I’m a UK-based 26-year-old, trying to see as much as the world as I can while maintaining the day job. That means saving, carefully working my travels around public holidays and doing day trips/long weekends around my own backyard within England and Wales. Sometimes it’s difficult, but it works – this year I currently have plans to visit six countries!

Among many other things I am also:

  • backpacking enthusiast
  • English
  • history graduate
  • cat lover
  • amateur photographer (so much to learn)
  • self-published author (check out my books at www.lauraharrisbooks.com)
  • bookworm
  • introvert

~The blog~

While sat on a minibus going along the south coast of Iceland in October 2016, it occurred to me that I have gathered a lot of knowledge over the years about travelling – in particular solo and on a budget. Thus One More Step was created, to share this with anyone else who harbours dreams of exploring the globe (or who just wants tips on where to go for the next holiday).

This is both my travel journal, as a memento of all the trips I have been on, and a sounding board for sample itineraries, holiday budgeting tips and general travel advice. You will find many historical and literary locations mentioned in my blog posts – there are few things I like more than exploring a museum or settling down with a book and a view.

~My travels~

I balance a full time job as a software tester with travelling as much as I can. In 2017 I’m trying to explore the UK more with a target of at least one trip away every two months, plus I am intending to spend time in Tenerife, Thailand, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Looking forward to 2018, Cambodia and Rome are both high up on my list!

For a full list of where I’ve been check out my travel timeline, or refer to the handy map below: