Roller skating in Granada

After missing the opportunity to skate in MΓ‘laga, I was quite keen to make the most of having hefted my roller skates and kit to Spain, so I set off in search of my nearest skatepark on my second day in Granada.

I soon realised that the route to the skatepark from my hostel was very skateable as well, so I had a lovely morning skating from my hostel down Paseo de la Bomba, then a little way along the river on Paseo Fuente de la Bicha to find my nearest skatepark. It’s a lovely smooth outdoor skate through the park, although a lot bumpier once you get to the river.

After I was done at the skatepark I skated back through the park to Antigua Lonja (I spotted an inline skating group here a few days later), and finally returned to my hostel. Had there not been a literature festival on with lots of stalls and people in the way, I probably could have continued up to Fuente de la Batallas.

Roller skating in Granada route on Apple Maps

My approximate roller skating route in Granada

I visited SkatePark Golden Ball, which is massive and has hardly any people if you go on a weekday morning. There’s two huge cement sections with ramps and quarterpipes as well as a dirt track for bikes. It’s outdoor and part of the Bola de Oro sports centre.

Panoramic picture of the graffitied cement Skatepark Golden Ball in Granada

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